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Take This Waltz (2011)

large_g7w3xWybe9ZoaMbsd71HoKe9seSTake This Waltz (2011)

Written and Directed By: Sarah Polley

The Bottom Line: This is an off-beat, sexy romantic drama highlighting lovely cinematography and excellent performances by Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen.


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They Live (1988)

they liveThey Live (1988)

Directed By: John Carpenter

Written By: John Carpenter, Based On a Short Story Titled “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” by Ray Nelson

Verdict: Two Thumbs Down from James and Me

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The Guilty One by Lisa Ballantyne

The Guilty One by Lisa BallantyneGuilty One

Published: March, 2013 (William Morrow)

Format: Kindle E-Book

Recommended By: Several book bloggers including Jennifer at The Relentless Reader

I Categorized It As: Mystery/Thriller & Popular Fiction

My Rating: 4/5 (Thumbs Up)

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Trisha’s Artwork: Minecraft Creeper

for Toni

The Academy for Mad Scientists and Evil Wizards Has Opened Its Doors

Trisha and I started our “Potions and Enchantments” Unit Study yesterday. Obviously, this is just very basic chemistry, set up to provide the opportunity to make discoveries about acids and bases. My main objectives were simple:

  • to get her intrigued with chemistry
  • to observe and support the fact that she’s making and testing predictions and drawing conclusions (basic scientific method)
  • to introduce habits integral to science labs, such as making precise measurements and documenting results
  • to see where she’ll go with an activity like this — my kids always have their own quirkified way of doing things
  • to make an insane amount of mess

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Mandatory Release by Jess Riley

Mandatory ReleaseMandatory Release by Jess Riley

Published: July, 2013

Format: Kindle E-Book (CreateSpace)

Recommended By: Jennifer at The Relentless Reader

I Categorized It As: Popular Fiction, Romance, and Women’s Fiction

My Rating: 4/5

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Recovering from a devastating experience and the end of a long-term relationship, Drew returns to her parents’ home and accepts a teaching position at the prison where her mom works.

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“I Think You’re Crazy, But I Admire Your Attitude” — The Hit (1984)


The Hit (1984)

Directed By: Stephen Frears

Written By: Peter Prince

Why I Saw It: Sarah’s Pick

My Verdict: Not a favorite but definitely worth seeing. With the talent in this cast, how could it be a total miss? 😉

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