Kisses (2008)

kissesKisses (2008)

Written and Directed By: Lance Daly

Why I Saw It: Sarah’s Pick

My Verdict: Beautiful!

Dylan (Shane Curry) and Kylie (Kelly O’Neill) run away from home on Christmas, fleeing Dylan’s volatile father, and spend twenty-four hours on the streets of inner-city Dublin. Their home lives are heartbreakingly stark and marred by abuse and fear. Yet on the cusp of puberty, Dylan and Kylie have retained some child-like innocence. One of the beautiful things about the movie is that we see them joyfully being kids before things take a darker and more serious turn. This is a lovely film, in which gentle scenes depicting children’s loyalty to one another, and sense of fun and adventure, are starkly contrasted with an ugly world of poverty, violence, and fear.

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