North Sea Texas

North_Sea_Texas_posterNorth Sea Texas (2011)

Directed By: Bavo Defurne

Written By: Bavo Defurne & Yves Verbraeken Based on the Novel Nooit Gaat Dit Over by André Sollie

My Rating: 3/5


In this Belgian film, 15-year old Pim (Jelle Florizoone) has been raised by a single mom whose parenting style could most charitably be described as benign neglect. While she spends most of her time in the local bar seeking male companionship, Pim seeks refuge at the home of another single mother and her two kids. Pim develops intense feelings for the older of the two children, Gino (Mathias Vergels). He and the older boy become lovers. However, Gino doesn’t return Pim’s feelings and he is determined to be outwardly “straight.”

I liked the story, and at moments the film effectively captured the tangled mess of affection, yearning, frustration, and confusion of adolescent infatuation and sexuality. I also appreciated the lovely cinematography. However, I didn’t find this movie nearly as compelling as I’d hoped. While it touches on a wealth of interesting, powerful themes, the story and characters — for the most part — felt wafer thin. With an increasing number of interesting coming of age films spotlighting LGBTQ themes, this one can probably be skipped.

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