Wendy and Lucy

600full-wendy-and-lucy-posterWendy and Lucy (2008)

Directed By: Kelly Reichardt

Written By: Kelly Reichardt and Jonathan Raymond, Based On “Night Choir” by Jonathan Raymond

My Rating: 4.5/5

Wendy (Michelle Williams) is on the road with her dog Lucy, traveling to Alaska where she hopes to find gainful employment. Her car breaks down in a crumbling mill town; the mill has shut down and is staffed only by a lone security guard. When Wendy is arrested on a shoplifting charge, Lucy goes missing.

Wendy and Lucy

This movie is a well-crafted, slow, and carefully observed portrait of life as it really is, with a beautiful performance by Michelle Williams. I had a sense of the storyteller stepping out of the way and simply letting us watch events unfold, revealing what happens when people are left unemployed and with nothing to fall back on.

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