The Broken (2008)

imagesThe Broken (2008)

Written & Directed by: Sean Ellis

My Rating: 4/5

While surfing Netflix Instant, we stumbled upon this atmospheric English thriller, featuring Richard Jenkins, who does excellent work in every movie he performs in, and the beautiful Lena Headey (Game of Thrones).


London radiologist Gina McVey shares a special occasion with her father, her French boyfriend Stefan, and her brother and his girlfriend. The next day, she sees a woman drive past — the mysterious woman looks exactly like her. She follows her doppelganger back to the woman’s apartment, where she finds something even more baffling.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. While I found the twist easy to guess, it’s intriguing, suspenseful, and well-acted. It’s gloomy and atmospheric, with sweeping, stark images of London and dark sets — I found it genuinely creepy. I also loved the surreal imagery in Gina’s dreams and visions.

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