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Homeschooling High School So Far — English & Humanities

Our Topic for the Year: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Dystopia — We’re still working on finding our groove with this, and I’m trying to find ways to get James more interested and engaged. Although we agreed to this mom-made curriculum, as preparation for college, he seems to be participating reluctantly. Maybe since he is such a visual-spatial, hands-on kind of learner, this is just too bookish for him.

BTW, James has ADHD, and like many people with this “disorder,” he is blessed with high energy, a quick mind, a strong “right brained,” visual-spatial learning style, and great problem-solving skills. But keeping him interested in anything for more than 20 minutes is challenging.

Suggestions? 🙂

Books & Stories Read So Far:
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Bachelorette (2012)

Written & Directed By: Leslye Headland

My Rating: 2/5

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Art Journaling — Zentangly Stuff

Art Journaling -- Zentangly Stuff

I love to doodle.

Breakfast With Scot

Breakfast With Scot (2007)

Directed By: Laurie Lynd

Written By: Sean Reycraft, Based on a Novel By Michael Downing

My Rating: 4/5

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