Learning Journal: Monday, Nov. 4

I decided to try blogging regularly about the kids’ learning again and see how it goes. Most of my homeschool blogger relationships have fallen by the wayside, and probably no one will read this but me. But I am hopeful that it will help me find some focus.


Monday is one of my work-outside-the-home days, so I didn’t spend much time with the kids. James and Trisha spent the day at Raw Learning. They participated in Makers Class, which involves basic engineering challenges; they made stomp rockets. While discussing her day, Trisha and I talked briefly about why some rockets sailed farther than others and the concept of aerodynamics. James also attempted one of several interesting challenges, to reassemble a handheld vacuum, which had been taken apart, and vacuum something up. He said he got the basic structure but couldn’t figure out all the gears; he wants to attempt it again next week. One of the things that impresses me most about James is his persistence when solving a problem. I believe this is one of the most important attributes our kids need, especially since it seems the future will belong to those who can master rapidly evolving technology, and I’m not sure it can be directly taught. I am thrilled and proud of the way this trait has blossomed in my son.  (Science: Physics & Engineering)

They played Capture the Flag and Murder in the Dark, and James spent some time with his friend Jericho. Having gotten up early to attend Makers, he climbed into one of the “cubbies” in the library and fell asleep. *LOL* Trisha participated in quilting class and parts of several other activities, including Spanish.  She also did some imaginative play with her friend Garrett — apparently it involved zombies and a lot of running. (P.E.; Arts & Crafts; Spanish)

Both James and Trisha spent time on Minecraft — of course! James programmed some mods. Lately he’s been spending more teaching himself programming and worked hard on setting up a GMod server. (Computer Technology; Strategic Thinking)

Sarah spent time with a friend and potential mentor taking a therapy dog to visit a nursing home. She found this somewhat difficult because of her social anxiety and worried that she had made a poor impression. However, I think she enjoyed the experience overall, and of course she fell in love with the dog. 🙂 (Life Skills)  She and I also re-watched Paprika. (Film Studies)


One response to “Learning Journal: Monday, Nov. 4

  1. Love this! Yes, Garrett had Patricia under arrest at one point! And he couldn’t stop talking about how cool Murder in the Dark was. It was his first time playing and James really took the lead with that game. Garrett loved it! I love how you label the things they learned (Science, PE, etc) – really makes me stop to think that my own son is learning more than I realize! 🙂

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