Many years ago, one of my kids was being evaluated for a suspected autism spectrum “disorder.” I put “disorder” in quotes because I believe being on the autism spectrum isn’t an illness or dysfunction — it’s just a different way of being.

The assessment proved to be a Byzantine, confusing process that yielded more questions than answers. At one point a friend and former colleague, who was an experienced child therapist, suggested that my kid might be “On the outer edge of normal, hence, undiagnosable.” I loved the phrase, and it stuck with me. On behalf of myself and my family, which includes three kids who all have some sort of “special needs,” I decided to own it and celebrate it. 😉


One response to “About

  1. You definitely should celebrate it! Autism seems to run in my family, and I seem to have inherited some aspects of it. I find that managing my symtoms and feelings rather than trying to be “normal” is a far more enjoyable process, however, and I doubt I’d ever want to change.

    You’re doing a great job with your children, anyway 😉

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