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Learning Journal: Tues., Nov 5 – Sat., Nov. 9


Researching Foxes

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First Day of School


Trisha was SO excited about starting school today. She plans to attend three days a week and participate in a variety of classes, including Spanish, Nature Journaling and Quilting:

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Plans for 11-Week Multi-Age Class on Math in Art (In Progress)

This is for a class I’ll be teaching at Raw Learning. It’s a work in progress and subject to change. I am definitely open to suggestions!

I. Numerals in Art/Spaceship Patterns— adapted from here


(The second example is from Pastel Number Design – Art & Math — Lin Altman, Cedar Creek Elementary)

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The Academy for Mad Scientists and Evil Wizards Has Opened Its Doors

Trisha and I started our “Potions and Enchantments” Unit Study yesterday. Obviously, this is just very basic chemistry, set up to provide the opportunity to make discoveries about acids and bases. My main objectives were simple:

  • to get her intrigued with chemistry
  • to observe and support the fact that she’s making and testing predictions and drawing conclusions (basic scientific method)
  • to introduce habits integral to science labs, such as making precise measurements and documenting results
  • to see where she’ll go with an activity like this — my kids always have their own quirkified way of doing things
  • to make an insane amount of mess

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