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Planning James’s Homeschool Year

James is officially starting high school, and he plans to attend a college or university. His goal is to work in some aspect of video game design (e.g. programming, writing, artistic development). We agreed that we both need to become a lot more disciplined and structured. But neither of us is a “curriculum in a box” or a traditional “school at home” kind of person. We want to keep learning flexibly and creatively but with a lot more academic content and structure.

After a lot of floundering and a bit of planning, I’ve come up with a curriculum plan and organizational method that I think can work for us. I planned for a trimester (12 weeks). For each week I glued five pockets to a file folder. Each pocket is labeled by subject: Science, Math, English, History/Social Studies (includes Psychology, Sociology, etc.), and Art/Humanities/Film.


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